Monopotassium phosphate

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MKP is intended for supplying phosphorus to plants through foliar fertilization and to nutrient solutions for irrigation.

Phosphorus is an important building block as it is included in e.g. cell membranes and DNA. It is also part of the molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is needed in all the energy-demanding processes of the cells.

Since phosphorus is often difficult for the plant to take up through the roots, especially at unfavorable pH values ​​and at low temperatures, foliar fertilization is a good way to add phosphorus. There are many varieties of phosphorus fertilizers with ammonium, potassium, magnesium or calcium to choose from. Plant sap analysis is a good tool to be able to determine which substance apart from phosphorus the plant needs best.


MKP (monopotassium phosphate) is a water-soluble phosphorus fertilizer.

Weak pH-lowering in nutrient solutions and spray liquid.
Can be mixed with most other fertilizers, but always test-mix smaller quantities first. Can form precipitates with calcium and iron. In fertilizer solutions for nutrient solutions, they should not be mixed with calcium nitrate/lime nitrate in the same stock solution, as this can lead to precipitation of calcium phosphate.

Nutrient solutions normal dose: up to 200 mg/l nutrient solution or 20 kg/1000 l stock solution (at a dilution of 1:100). Most often used in combination with other fertilizers.
We recommend a water analysis of minerals to check that the nutrient solution contains the right amount of plant nutrients. It is also important to analyze recirculated nutrient solutions to be able to adjust both plant nutrition and alkalinity before the nutrient solution goes back to the cultivation again.

Foliar fertilizer dose: 10 kg/ha in at least 200 l water/ha.
Do not spray directly before or in connection with sunshine. 2-4 hour drying time provides optimal nutrient absorption.
For young and fragile plants, use no more than 0,5 kg/100 l of spray solution.
We recommend plant sap analysis to determine the need for which plant nutrients need to be added as foliar fertilization. The analysis can be done again no earlier than two weeks after treatment to assess whether the treatment needs to be repeated.

Substance Content weight %
P 23%
K 28%

Miscibility Not with calcium and iron
Packaging 25 kg, 1200 kg/pallet
Form Crystalline
Density –
pH 4-5
Unit Kg
Dangerous goods No
Other –


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